Saturday, November 29, 2014


We have some new DG hoodies coming in this week!!!   They will be the same super comphy hoody with our classic DG logo on them that you  have come to love and will retail for $35!!!
Also, I am taking pre-orders on a very limited edition DG christmas ugly sweaters!!!
These will be printed on a crew neck Guildan sweatshirt and will retail for around 30 bucks.   Instagram a pic of you wearing  your DG ugly sweater on Christmas day and WIN FREE product at DG!!!! #dguglysweater to win!!!!
Call and reserve yours today!!!!


Small Business Saturday.   Today is the day where you can make a difference in a small business owners life by simply buying a product from them instead of a big box chain or franchise.   The simple act of buying from a local shop or eating at a local restaurant actually has a great impact not only on that business, but the local economy as a whole.    
On average, that dollar you spend locally, will be spent IN TOWN  up to 7 times again, while the dollar you spend at Lowmart will be shipped out of state that day.   Your local businesses are the backbone of the community. 
These business owners support and in many cases put on the town events that the big money box stores will not take part in.   
So today, while your out doing whatever it is you are doing, direct your route to a local, independently owned business, spend your money where it does some good for another member of your community.  
Avoid the strip mall, warehouse, grumpy employees at those greedy big stores and come get some down home, feel good, THANKFULL products from us, your local business owners. 

I can say first hand that after being on Main street for 13 years,    when the door to shop opens, I am excited and so grateful for every sale we make.   Your purchases here truly make an impact on me and my business and I appreciate every hard earned dollar spent here.  I am sure all the shops on this street and every Main street feel the same.

Thanks guys for all the support!!!   I hope to see you all soon!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


DG is having an hourly sale on Black friday, check out the list for whats on sale each hour!!! These are the lowest priciest we have ever had, make sure you plan it right and take advantage of the deals!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sam Jones coming through yet again!!!!!

Sam is the Man!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


We are sorry for any inconvenience while the side walk construction is on going. We will be open limited hours during the week of 10/31 through 11/8.
Please come in during those hours and keep the shop alive!!!
Ben Benoite is running the shop once he is out of school, stop in and he will take care of anything you might need!!!
Pizza Pizzazz is working with us and every purchase at DG comes with a card to get $ off pizza!!!! YAY!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Joey Numbers, AKA, Joe Sputnick, AKA, lucy lui, B-DAY IS TODAY!!!!!

Big Happy B-day to our good buddy Joe Lussier.
Joe is one of the nicest kids you can meet. Always rollin a huge smile and just genuinely fun to be around, he has made another rotation of the life cycle and turns 21 today!!!!
Have a good day Joe!!! Next time your around I'll buy ya a beer or three.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I am super pumped on these new items for Fall!!
First up is the "Chillers" tee, this is a pic from our 2012 trip across the west coast. Sam Jones, Dan, Joe Lussier, and Myself sitting on the edge of Camel Back mtn, in Pheonix Az. AMC took the pic, it is one of my favorite pics from such an epic trip with the best of friends. This photo really says what BMX is all about to me, we went on a trip to ride bikes, but ultimately ended up having way more time just chilling and hanging out even forgetting about riding most of time. Chills, not skills. Limited run of 10 in each size and these are $20 each. The best tee ever!!!

Next is the "Comfort Hoody"
Classic DG logo printed on the apply named most comfortable hoody ever from Independent Trading company.
These hoods are going for $35 bucks and there are a limited run of only 6 in each size!!!
Get em while you can!!!!