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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Shop is closed this week while I am working at INTERBIKE in LasVegas.  I will be back at the shop and open again Saturday Sept. 19th at around 1pm  or as soon as I am home from the airport.
TXT me if you need anything and I'll try and get it to you but please be patient as I will be very busy at the booth and not by my phone often.  
Have a great week

Don't forget the shop party on Sat Oct 3rd, 3-7 ramps, 7-10 Video primer and party  

Friday, August 28, 2015


For most of you, DG is just a store where you come to grab a tube or whatever BMX parts you might need as you need them.     For me, DG is a lifetime of memories and good times with the guys pictured above and so many more.
On Saturday, Oct. 3rd from 3-10pm we will be celebrating the past 13 years spent here at DG.  Ramps out back and the premier of the new DGBMX dvd at Maurys Pub across the street at 7.
This Oct. 3rd 2015 will also be the very last OPEN day of business for The Daily Grind.
 Most of you know but I have a new gig working with Kink Bikes and Blackout distribution. While the shop does not HAVE to close, I really like to dive 110% into things and I am looking forward to pursuing my east coast rep responsibilities full time.    It's just time to throw a wrench in life and do something new.

DG has been a staple in Danielson for over a decade.  We have taken part in and helped build 4 skateparks in local towns, thrown countless ramp jams, brought over 100 of the top BMX riders in the world to town, and put on the largest independent BMX jam in the country 3 years in a row.   DG has always been about creating the scene and making BMX prominent and positive here in town.
DG prides itself on our commitment to the people who ride and not the dollar.  I look forward to still seeing all of you at the parks and when you do need anything.

After we close, I will still be able to get you all your BMX needs if you just hit me up on the cell phone or Facebook but we will not have the 74 Main st. store and will not have open hours. It will be by appointment only.

I look forward to the future working in the industry and doing different things in BMX.  I now get to work hand in hand with all of the other shops that push this lifestyle as I have tried to.

One more month, lets make it a good one, then I'll close and lock the doors at DG for the last time, after all,   "It's only a store, nobody really cares."

Friday, August 7, 2015


Ben SUCKS!!!  I'm just Kidding!!  Ben was gonna cover the shop while I am away at Kink bikes this weekend but he had already promised his pops he would help him out.  So,  the shop will have to be closed this Saturday.  Sorry for any inconvenience.   My phone number is on the door if you wanna call and complain.
See you again normal hours!!
Tues-Fri   11-5
Sat 10-3

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"I quit riding BMX"

I saw a post today on Facebook, this is something that over the years I have seen a lot of from many different kids.
"I am going to QUIT riding BMX"
I guess I find this kinda funny, I am 40, I have been riding BMX bikes since I was probably 4. Although I have taken a year or two where BMX wasn't the prominent thing in my life (I replaced with Motocross or a job or a girl here and there) I never thought to myself, QUITING riding bikes. It seems weird to me that people always say they are going to quit. It's not a job, BMX is not something you are forced to do, and to me quitting is something you do when you hate what you are doing.
I sound like a hypocrite because BMX is my job, but really, riding BMX is an escape from that. For me, it's freedom, it's the one thing in my whole life that is a constant and never changing positive excitement.
It's not about tricks, although it is super rewarding to land a new trick or an old one, it's about the thrill of pulling into the park and seeing who is there to hang with. The invite to the trails or the ramp jam. The people that forever changing but are all there for the same reasons. The times when you are all there, where ever you are, because of your BMX bike but you aren't riding it and instead are all sitting around having a great time doing nothing. The times when you find yourself on the other side of the country with the best of friends and you haven't touched the bikes in 4 days but the bikes are what actually got you there. For me...

BMX is simply more than a bike and a crowd of unknown young kids oohing and ahhing because you did a cool trick or maybe for you it is just that, what ever it is, you shouldn't have to publicly quit riding unless your on Dew Tour and expected to win the next weekend.

If you are saying you are going to quit so you can a response out of people like "Don't quit , you are so good." Thats just sad, Then I say if you truly aren't having fun anymore, put it away for a while, do something else, and then when you feel like taking a ride again, jump on it and ride.

There's that saying that "Quitting is not an option" I guess for me quitting has always been an option, It just has never been a thought.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I want to take a second to thank the John and the crew at Rad Skate Park​ in Mendon Ma. These guys go above and beyond what any other park would do for a good cause. This past Sunday night was the second time Rad has helped out, actually made possible, a fund raising event to help out a friend in need.
With no hesitation, even arguing a better deal than I could even ask for, John has set aside the practice of running a business to give a friend the chance to pay off one more medical bill, one more rent payment, or a few weeks worth of groceries.
This also would never have happened if New England BMX wasn't as amazing as it is. With just a few TXT messages (not a group message, your welcome!) Over 50 people from 5 different shops and brands came out in support.  Together we raised over $800 which was paypalled over to John Lee from FBM fame this morning.  UN REAL!!
Thank you Rad Skatepark, not only for the night, but for the countless fun times and good vibes that are always waiting for anyone who walks through the doors.

Rad Skatepark
49 Uxbridge Rd. Building C Mendon Ma
Rad Skatepark Facebook

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sam Jones Crankx/Rays edit

The shop crew took a trip to Ohio with another car of great friends in tow.   We stopped at Crankx, the Kink warehouse, and Rays and too much fun was being had to film it all, but here is what Sam coaght out all the good times…..
On a side note, I am really pumped that this group is more focused on just having fun and living in the moment than trying to catch it all on film so it can be shared later…..   This was one quality trip I wouldn't trade for the world.   Best crew ever.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 is almost here!!! First of the year specials!!!!!

NEW YEARS IS ALMOST HERE!!!!  2015 is upon us and with that, the first day DG will be open in 2015 brings some special sales!!!  
DG will open for the first time in 2015 on Saturday Jan 3rd from 10-3.

The first customer of the year will receive a special DG prize pack with a ton of free goodies.

The 10th customer of the year will also receive a DG prize pack.  

Free Daily Grind shirt with any purchase of $75 or more
Complete bikes are 20% off!!!!!   Thats crazy!!!

The first day of 2015 at DG kicks off with a Bang!!!!   Be here!!!!!