Saturday, August 16, 2014

Matt Barchus Benefit Jam

Javaun(WOOO WOOO WOOO HEWWWWWWWW!!!!)Crane-Bonnel put together this sweet event for everyones good friend Matt Barchus to help him out with some mounting medical bills.  

Matt was one of the first DG riders back in the day when the shop opened.  I always thing of Matt airing out the quarters at the old Willi park mini ramp right after he came home from Woodward and being insanely jealous.  Hahaha  I took Matt with us on the first big DG road trip to Louisville back in 03, with Buckler, and a bunch of awesome dudes.  Anyways, we go back a bit so yeah……..
 Everyone is over the top helping out and it will surely be a fun time.
If you would like to help Matt out you can donate some funds by clicking HERE!!!
Also I have shirts with the flyer Jeff Martin made on it for sale for 20 bucks.  The whole 20 goes to Matt on the 22 shirts I made for the Jam.  If anyone wishes to have a tee after we sell out I will be taking money on a per order basis over the next two weeks, then printing the shirts one final time.   I will be donating the proceeds(profits after cost of shirts) to Matt on those per-order tees.
Many companies donated product to give out and it is will surely be a kick ass time.
Get to the Hartford skatepark Sunday at Nooon and show some love and support for a great guy.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shop closed August 8th and 9th

Sorry, Shop is closed Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th.
Shop will be open again on SUNDAY AUGUST 10th from 11-3!!!!  

See you all soon!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August is CULT month at DG!!!

I have been waiting for this one! Cult, one of those brands that is a sure stand out in the BMX world. Grass roots BMX, one of best teams out there. This brand is just the kind of brand I want to push in DG!! Robbie and the crew just know how to do it. I'm psyched Cult wanted to be a part of the year of Daily Grind!!! Come check out the CULT wall, it is amazing!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Animal shop party!!!

Animal party was a blast. The street set up was super fun and although I was too busy having a good time to take a bunch of pics, if you were here, you know all about it.

Kyle took a few tries at this but it was all worth it.

Always fun to hang with Lino. It started about when he was 13 or so and even though now we don't ride together as much, it's a quality good time when we do get to catch up.

Bunch of new younger kids rid in at this one. Awesome!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Sam Jones Edit!!

JOSH FOISY and Sam put in some work for over a year (ok, really it was like a few trips but Sam can't get out to Boston often so it took a bit) to get this edit together and it is pure Sam Jones. Peg chinks, tire slides, techy peg combos, and just good ol everyday fun riding. Josh is the man for putting up everyone at his place in Boston for the weekends. I am so pumped on this!!! Give it a watch and then watch it again.

Sam Jones in Boston from Joshua Foisey on Vimeo.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Animal wall at DG!!!

Animal Month is all JULY long!!! Come roll the Animal dice and get 4,5,6 on first try and win some sweet stuff!!!
Come check out the Animal wall which is stocked with everything available from this true east coast BMX brand. We have been pushing Animal brand since we opened and the parts are on point. I have been running Animal cranks, pedals and hubs for the better part of almost 5 years and they are still going strong!!! The ramp set up here at the shop will be very Animalish set-up. I think you will all be psyched!!!